Identity update, stationery, website redesign, artist directory, membership system, e-commerce  Northeast Minneapolis Art Association (NEMAA) strives to support a community where artists can live, work, and showcase their art.  Their wishlist for a new website included a membership system and e-commerce.

Our collaboration with NEMAA began with the updating of their logo. Though the NEMAA acronym was well known and their was some fondness for the 30's-flavored all-capitals lettering in their existing design, a consensus was looking for a more contemporary design, evocative of both neighborhood roots and a level of organizational profesionalism. We explored lettering styles and modifications that were fairly close to what they had. Then the team gave us the green light to push a bit further, and we found our solution—a mixed case type font that provided for both a bit of nonconformist spirit while assembled in a cohesive set of shapes. The use of the second color, red, for "NE" both added dynamics to the design and highlighted the home locale for the organization in wayfinding vernacular.

Their colorful and lively website showcases a sizable searchable directory of artists, and rich content in their event and news sections, and seamlessly connects to their blog.  In addition, the site houses event and sponsor information for three major annual events: Art-a-Whirl, Fall Fine Arts and Wintertide.

Logo for Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association
Stationery system for for Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association
Desktop and mobile views of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association