Web Project Manager and Developer
(612) 436-9173

Chris Dart has been a fan of computers since his first exposure to BASIC on a TRS-80 back in 1980. He took a detour to explore the humanities, earning a degree in cultural anthropology from Macalester College, earning honors in ethnographic research. After graduating he spent 7 years as a neighborhood organizer while moonlighting as a computer consultant and database developer. In 2000 he gave up pretending and switched to an IT career. Since then he has worked in both computer support and database and web development. He has a masters of science in information technology from the University of Liverpool, England. 

When he isn’t thinking about better ways to organize and query data structures, he plays classical guitar, sings in the Great Northern Union Barbershop Chorus, is an avid gardener and occasional wood worker. He also enjoys biking as much as he can for as much of the year as he can. He also works half time at the Friends School of Minnesota as their technology coordinator.